Scott McCormick Photography: Faceman + Talk Talk Talk

I've been lucky enough that most of my clients have become great friends.  Faceman is now one of my great friends and it was this project's fault.  We've done many other massive endeavors together since - see "Wild and Hunting" video here.  

His music has an element of whimsical carelessness that I've always loved in musicians like Deer Tick, and the late Lou Reed.  Combined with a sense of altered rock n' roll, Faceman produces some of the newest sounds I've heard in a long time.  For the album art, I really wanted to show some of the struggle that Steve (Faceman) goes through when writing songs and performing.   

When the band started out, Faceman would play behind a large metal head casing that would project movies on the wall and hide his face.  This was due to a massive case of stage fright.  I feel like whenever I talk to Faceman about new songs or performing, he's going through a massive internal struggle figuring out if it's even worth putting out into the world.  While I think it's AMAZING stuff, I totally know that thought process.  It feels like you're always just beating yourself up....hence this artwork.  We all feel like we're questioning what we're doing at one point or another.  That feeling combined with the title "Talk Talk Talk," led to artwork based around an internal interrogation sequence.