DenverMusicPR: Playing nice together: How Faceman's new conceptual concert may change the music industry

DENVER - Members of the Denver-based rock band Faceman have a dream that one day local musicians will put aside their competitive differences, pick up their instruments, and play together. That dream will become a reality when the band hosts Faceman's First Waltz at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver on Friday, February 4. The inaugural event combines some of Denver's best local talent in a four-hour opus of live music which promises the best of tunes from each of the bands participating in the concert, which includes Slim Cesna's Auto Club, The Knew, Boulder Acoustic Society, Bop Skizzum, The Outfit, Bonnie & the Beard, Chris McGarry & the Insomniacs, Medicine Man, PANAL and more. The concept of the event, which claims to be more of an "association" of Denver artists playing on stage together rather than a "concert," was conceived by Faceman in an attempt to offer a neutral zone for Denver artists who don't want to partake in the average competition for spotlight that comes with playing alongside other local acts. Instead, the band has decided to embrace the local music culture by honoring the good music that their peers are creating. More than 30 artists have been invited to participate, and the night promises as much for for the musicians as it does for the audience, with a range of musical styles from folk/acoustic to indie-rock, that is bound to offer excitement to anyone's ears. The members of the bands asked to participate in the concert will revolve throughout the set, playing their best music with Faceman acting as a "house" band for the event. Faceman and the many artists who have attached themselves to this unique concept have already dedicated over 30 hours of rehearsal to the event.