Steve, the uni-monikered leader of the folk ensemble FaceMan, figured he’d draw on the hypnotic power of scary sharks and funky folk rock when he planned a gig at the relatively small Lost Lake Lounge last October. Inspired by the bogus Discovery Channel documentary about a (fake, as it turns out) prehistoric shark called the Megalodon, Steve commissioned a monumental piece of stagecraft. Designed and built by Justin Hicks, Katie Webster and Keli Sequoia of Incite Productions (who also work as carpenters and set designers for Denver Center for the Performing Arts), the final shark-shaped set took up a big chunk of the bar’s back room. Featuring razor-sharp chompers, crimson shark lips and life-like grey skin, the shark stage proved the perfect complement to FaceMan’s brand of ambitious rock and roll. Here’s hoping FaceMan and his crew of creative geniuses find a way to top themselves this year. Maybe there’s a way to build an accurate re-creation of the polar vortex...
— Westword

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