FaceMan Faces Jail Time for Releasing a Bootleg Video 

Breaking news (AP) - The rock trio, FaceMan, has released a bootleg video from a screening at the 2014 Denver Starz Film Festival and the members of the group are likely facing significant jail time.  The trio used a hidden camera to record their own video, 'Yes (LifeIsTheParty)' and released the altered version of the video a second time on YouTube in the early morning hours of Friday, November 11.  A link to the bootleg video is below, clearly revealing substantial illegal activity:

An official statement was released by the band's management shortly after 10AM MST asserting, "We are sad.  It's that simple.  Reaction to our action has caused us much sadness.  We don't want to go to jail."

The band is also facing potential legal consequences from violating fire code and having multiple, giant, sock puppets on stage at a performance in November.  "In the video below, it's evident that the band is violating Colorado state fire code and they need to pay the price," explained Denver's fire chief.  "It's simply unacceptable.  As you can see in the video, an undercover detective with the fire department was filming the entire thing inside of one of the sock puppets.  This case is as good as closed."