Saturday, October 25, Las Vegas, LIFE IS SHIT FESTIVAL #2, The Dive Bar

For Immediate Release (AP) - Three post-teen musicians began walking to Las Vegas to perform at the shitty music festival, 'Life is Shit #2".  They plan on playing another set of shitty music for more shitty fans for a shitty amount of money.  They decided to walk instead of drive or fly because it would put them in a shitty mood, which is exactly what is required to be at the shitty festival on Saturday.  If you want to get shitty on Saturday, be at The Dive Bar in Las Vegas, NV at the Life is Shit #2 music festival.  No thanks goes to the shitty promoter, Jack Johnson.  Here's the shitty line up and a shitty video trailer:

Lenguas Largas (Tucson, AZ)
Face Man (Denver, CO)
White Mystery (Chicago, IL)
Timmy's Organism (Detroit, MI)
The Rebel Set (Phoenix, AZ)
FIM (Los Angeles, CA)
Saustro and the fruity loops (Colorado Springs, CO)
Puget Noise (Tacoma, WA)
Leather Duchess (Los Angeles, CA)
Same Sex Mary
Jack Evan Johnson
Bogtrotter's Union
Bounty Hunter Brothers
Cirka: Sik
Stagnetti's Cock (The World's 2nd Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band)
Swamp Pussy

2 stages! Music at 4pm! Free (donation's appreciated)! 21+