Denver Rock Trio, FaceMan, Performs with Grammy Winning Rebirth Brass Band At The Gothic on December 12, 2015: 5 reasons why its a big deal

(AP Denver) Denver rock trio, FaceMan, will open for Grammy winning Rebirth Brass Band at The Gothic Theater on Saturday, December 12th.  Here are 5 HUGE reasons why this is a big deal (GET TICKETS):

1) Rebirth Brass Band is AMAZING.  The Rebirth Brass Band is a New Orleans brass band. The group was founded in 1983 by tuba/sousaphone player Philip Frazier, his brother, bass drummer Keith Frazier, and trumpeter Kermit Ruffins, along with other school marching band members from Joseph S. Clark Senior High School in New Orleans’ Tremé neighborhood. Rebirth is known for their high energy shows and they never disappoint. 

2) The Gothic Theater is AMAZING.  The Gothic Theater was built in the 1920s and started as a movie theater.  People who have attended the theater have claimed that the Gothic is “probably the best local music venue in terms of light, size and sound.”

3) Saturday is AMAZING.  Saturday is the sixth day of the week and is often referred to as part of "the weekend".  The day is usually really fun because no work is done. 

4) Live music is AMAZING.  You can't replace the real thing although technology and computers are trying (and failing)  Be there, you can sleep in the grave.  Never give up. 

5) The Denver music scene is AMAZING.  FaceMan humbly represents the Denver scene at this event.  We're all in this together.