Saturday, January 17 - 2pm to 7pm - Denver Tool Library Member Appreciation Show with Strange Americans and Blanket Empire

Denver Tool Library - 


If you're like us, you would really like to use a rototiller once a year, but can't afford to buy one and would have nowhere to store it even if you could. Or maybe you've been dying for access to a circular saw AND a place to use it, your apartment not being ideal for a sawdust-storm. 

The solution to both predicaments, and many more, is SHARING! A tool library is a place where community members can share their resources, whether that means tools, time, space, skills, or ideas, so that everyone becomes more inspired, productive, and empowered.

There are about 40 tool lending libraries in the US right now, but none of them are in Denver. We want to fix that!! (tool joke)

Our mission is simple: To put tools in the hands of inspired DIY makers like YOU.