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Social, environmental, and economic sustainability are inexorably intertwined. Recognizing the fact that one form of sustainability cannot be achieved without the other two, Resilient Futures International aims to aid individuals and communities in achieving all three forms of sustainability simultaneously, which can only successfully occur through the utilization of local knowledge and natural resources. Our clients will automatically become more independent as they will be less reliant upon outside inputs.

In addition, individuals and communities that are more dependent upon their local environment and culture are more likely to treat them with respect, as they recognize that their survival depends upon the health of both. As a result, the integrity of nature and culture is more likely to be preserved for the benefit of future generations. Such populations will be beyond sustainable; they will be resilient. They will not only become more successful socially, environmentally, and economically in the short-term, they will be able to withstand various social, environmental, and economic shocks and future generations will be stronger, more capable, and more apt to create ever-increasing opportunities for themselves and their communities.

Currently, many community projects and methods that individuals are persuaded to employ do not take all of these issues into consideration, often resulting in failed endeavors and wasted time, energy, and finances. In addition, this often creates bitterness and mistrust by community members of any organizations claiming to provide assistance, support, and resources. Resilient Futures International aims to break this cycle and work alongside individuals and communities in the implementation of projects that are deemed both appropriate and desired by the clients themselves, and that will lead to true sustainability and resiliency.

RFI programs will address economic, social and environmental sustainability by implementing a wide range of projects including anything from educational services, to the promotion of health and food security, to supporting the creation of economically sustainable businesses. RFI will work with individuals and communities to assess both their current resources and needs in order to determine which types of projects are suitable and appropriate for that community.