Steve "Faceman"

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David Thomas Bailey


Dean Hirschfield


Hello!  Welcome to the Faceman EXPERIENCE and thanks for your interest in our band.  A little about myself in no particular order:  I had the pleasure of forming FaceMan with Dave in late 2008 and Dean joined us in 2010.  As you will see after exploring our website, FaceMan has changed rapidly since its formation and has had many "looks" and many "sounds", which, to be honest, is very hard to keep up with, even for me!

Currently, we are focussed on finalizing our fourth full length album.  The music is what brings us together as people and is what we are truly most excited about.  FaceMan is certainly known for a unique approach to live performances and if we ever find ourselves with an unlimited budget WATCH OUT!  We like to build things our inner child would be proud of.  Giant Shark, Giant Diorama, Giant Couch Fort, Giant Face, Giant Giant.  

I officially called myself a songwriter on a Denver couch in 1997 and my first rock band was another trio in New Orleans called Big James from 1999 to 2002.  My first instrument was a clarinet!  I have some seriously weird memories of my initial experiences with the clarinet (nonsexual) and by 15 I had switched to Alto Saxophone as any insecure sports crazy boy would have done.  Alas, guitar has been the only instrument that I've ever had a serious love affair with.  I view myself as a songwriter before a guitarist. . . . and any guitarist would agree! 

I heard an amazing quote from some old songwriter getting interviewed on NPR that I have come to live by.  On his deathbed, the songwriter said, "I haven't written my last song yet and I haven't written my best song yet".  That's my crack cocaine addiction, songwriting.


Nobody escapes their roots, right? Music from Cuba, the Balkans, Appalachia, whether high art music or simple folk music, still maintains the essence of a unique musical culture. Some people like the term roots music. Well my roots are in southwest Denver, along the neighborhoods lining South Federal Boulevard. Here, my unique musical culture, my roots music, spread from punk rock like the Minutemen to nortena. In high school, I played in rock bands while working fast food to finance jazz guitar lessons at Brentwood Music. At this time I gained a love for musical scholarship and earned a music degree at the University of Colorado at Denver and then a Master of Music in Jazz Studies from the University of Northern Colorado. Although I love jazz music, I have adopted the term post-jazz to define my music; I felt inspiration from my roots that was too strong to ignore. My musical goals are now to take all the music that have made my southwest Denver life unique and apply the improvisational processes I have learned from jazz music. The result is hopefully to make something new and descriptive of my life in the American West.

I currently play a couple of Greg German seven-string guitars which allow me to occupy bass and guitar roles simultanioulsy. I play this instrument in FaceMan.  Through this band, I have been able to travel with music, so far make three great records, and write horn arrangements for The Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Rebirth Brass Band.



I’m a Denver, Colorado based percussionist and educator. I have a Bachelors degree in Percussion Performance and Music Composition from Metro State University that I have yet to be asked to show anyone, but I have it… Somewhere…