The Next Big Project:

FaceMan's 4th full length Album wild And Hunting - Released and Available now

What We're About

FaceMan is a rock trio from Denver, Colorado.  FaceMan was formed in 2009 and is made up of Steve ("Faceman") - guitar/vocals, David Thomas Bailey - 7 string guitar, and Dean Hirschfield - drums.  FaceMan has published four full length albums.  FaceMan tours nationally and is known for creative live shows and collaboration with other musicians such as The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Rebirth Brass Band, and many others.  FaceMan has a unique, soulful, indie rock sound that has been explained as a blend between Lou Reed, Modest Mouse, and Neil Young. Check out "Our Team" below.

We Play Stuff.

FaceMan has four full length albums. The albums are the following: FaceMan (2011), FeedingTime (2012), and TalkTalkTalk (2013).  Wild And Hunting (2016).  The instrumentation for FaceMan is a trio with Steve on guitar/vocals, David Thomas Bailey at 7 string guitar, and Dean Hirschfield on drums. FaceMan often times plays with guest musicians, including horn and string sections.  Check out "Our Music" section below.

We Build Stuff.

An area of focus for FaceMan is building creative sets for live performances.  FaceMan, in partnership with Incite Productions and Scott McCormick, have designed many different sets including a shark stage, a life sized shoebox diorama stage, a giant tornado, and a giant bar of pink soap.  Pictures of our projects are highlighted below in the "Our Creations" section.

We Video Tape Stuff.

In 2014, FaceMan released two videos for two songs on their release LifeIsTheParty.  On the video, 'Yes(LifeIsTheParty)', FaceMan collaborated with Greg Carr and Joyco Media to produce a bobble head style video that is a must see.

In a video for 'Wild&Hunting', FaceMan collaborated with Scott McCormick and Incite Productions, shooting all of the footage on a frozen high alpine lake in the mountains of Colorado.  The video features the burning of the shark stage the team had built previously for multiple performances in Fall 2013.